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This plan has expired on Saturday, May 21 2016
Wooly Mammoth Parking Lot US-40, Golden, CO 80401, United States
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Saturday, May 21 2016
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Taylor Reese
The weather is beautiful, so obviously we're driving into the mountains and sleeping outside.  BV is a perfect area because not too far from Denver and not really high elevation, so won't be too cold at night, but still nestled in all the mountains.  I'll probably bring my mountain bike, but I know a couple people who are planning on coming are just going hiking, so plenty of options.


This is a rough idea of what we can do, but very flexible.  I always feel like it's better to have a plan that can change than no plan at all.

8a: Meet at Wooly Mammoth in Golden to carpool
10a: Arrive in BV and setup camp
11a: Camper's choice: chill at camp, venture into town, head out on a hike, throw down on the mountain bike, or whatever
2p: Probably head into town around this point, grab a late lunch, perhaps Eddyline
5p: Stop at the grocery store in town to get some stuff for dinner and breakfast then make our way back to camp
7p: Make dinner over a campfire/stove and have a fun night around the fire, under the stars

8a: Maybe sleep in, whatever, brew coffee, make breakfast, probably be a bit lazy.
10a: Tear down camp and do more camper's choice activities, hiking, biking, whatever
3p: Start making our way back to Denver
5p: Aim to get back


Was actually just up in the area last weekend (see pics), had a great time, and took the opportunity to scout out some great camp sites in the Fourmile Recreation Area.  They have a great map (link below) that shows all the roads and trails in the area east of BV.  There are obviously other trail choices in the area too, but the campsites are quite awesome.  Some sections of road are car friendly, but most require a bit of clearance.  They made lost of earthen water bars (like huge speed bumps) to prevent erosion, which have done a good job, but may scrape the bottom of lower vehicles.  We can decide at Wooly exactly which site, depending on what vehicle are available.  If anyone is going up earlier and wants to coordinate, let me know.

What to bring

Please read this carefully and make sure you are prepared.  Everyone should be self sufficient.

- Tent
- Warm sleeping bag and pad (will get to around freezing at night)
- Warm clothes for night and cool clothes for the day
- Rain gear, just in case
- Food and Drink for yourself, I don't have any extra, so if you want to eat, drink, and be merry, you have to provide your own.  There is a grocery store in town if you want to grab stuff there.
- Lots of water (at least a couple gallon jugs), there is no source of water at camp and we'll need water for cooking, cleaning, and drowning the fire when it's time for bed
- Firewood
- Headlamp
- No bathroom, so bring a trowel and TP, this is a leave no trace area
- Stove and cooking stuff
- Any fun stuff to do around camp 
- Daypack or mountain bike or whatever you want to do for fun

Join up!  And let me know if you have any questions!

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