Stargaze in the Desert

This plan has expired on Friday, May 06 2016
Chaco Culture National Historical Park New Mexico, United States
Hiking and Camping (Car Camping) | Social
Friday, May 06 2016
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Matthew Petsos
The weekend of May 6th and 7th looks to have the moon at its smallest waxing and will provide little light interference with the night sky.  Chaco Culture is supposed to be one of the darkest night skies you can get in the U.S. and its the closest out of the top 4 to Denver.  And I've never been to New Mexico. And its My Birthday.
So if your interested in the drive (its about 8 hours away). Im going to plan to take off work that Friday, leave sometime in the morning and get there around dinner time. 
Bring your telescopes or binoculars or cameras and take some pictures of the stars.

Camping at the park requires a reservation, but its only like $15 a site for 4 people.  Group camping is available for $60 (10-20 people).

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