This plan has expired on Thursday, Apr 07 2016
Beverly Heights Park 2151 Lookout Mountain Rd, Golden, CO 80401, United States
Fitness (Strength & Conditioning) | Workout
Thursday, Apr 07 2016
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Mike Bell
Are you getting tired of your same old workout routine?

Tired of quitting after one set of ten push ups and going back to the couch, or out for another run?

If so, come play with us on Thursday mornings in Golden, CO!
Each week we meet at a different park around the city, bring a piece of workout equipment (e.g.; jump rope, medicine ball, kettle bell, air, etc.), and do tabata-style (sounds like ciabatta) workouts for 30-45 minutes. The best thing about these individual workouts is that all abilities compete at the same level, because you are only competing against the clock. Don't stop for 40 second. Rest for 20. Switch. Play!

The location is usually determined on Wednesday morning, so I will update the location here when it has been decided. Don't be late, the clock will start without you ;-)

The purpose of these workouts is to get to know your city, get to know your community, and get to PLAY!

You can get more info on the workouts/location at:

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