REI Intro to Mountain Biking at North Table

This plan has expired on Sunday, May 08 2016
North Table Mountain Park 4758 CO-93, Golden, CO 80403, United States
Mountain Biking | Slow & Steady
Sunday, May 08 2016
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Kristen Cowan
The May 8th class is full - so don't show up if you didn't get signed up with REI.  -

Hey fellow Gocieters -

Have you ever thought about trying out mountain biking but have like, zero idea of where to start? ME TOO. Luckily social media and the internet are magical places, and I stumbled onto an REI Intro class at North Table which is super convenient and one of my fave near-Denver running/hiking spots, and the bike rental is free with the intro skills class (normally a bike rental is what, $40 at least?)

The class I signed up for is May 8th, from 8-1 at North Table. So, if you're interested in looking like a total Jerry or Jerriette on a mountain bike in full Gociety solidarity fashion, the class details for the May 8th class at North Table are here:

You gotta sign up and pay on your own (cheaper if you're an REI member!), so if you want to join the plan here, register with REI, pay up, then join this plan! As of today, there are 9 spots open.

FYI it's Mother's Day Sunday. Mothers are welcome and get extra high-fives.

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