Evening Skin/Snowshoe up Abasin!

This plan has expired on Thursday, Feb 11 2016
Arapahoe Basin Ski Area 28194 US-6, Keystone, CO 80435, United States
Ski / Snowboard | Workout
Thursday, Feb 11 2016
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Amanda Harclerode
I'm in town and I've got a hankering for an evening A-Basin skin Thursday night! 

Theme is open to suggestion. There won't be much moonlight, so maybe this is a good night for wearing some lights/ glow sticks/ colorful headlamps? And get cool photos/videos? i.e. Afterglow? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJ0bAAA-QQU

What: Skin/Snowshoe up Abasin

Where/When: Meet at the parking lot of Abasin Ski Area at 6:30 pm, Thursday 2/11

Carpool info: Meet at 5:15 at the Wooly Mammoth lot. I am pretty sure that most people will not be able to meet this early, so if you need to meet later, post it, and I'm sure other people will be on that time schedule as well. 

What to Bring:
Water (there is no water at the top of Abasin)
Method of uphill/downhill transportation
Colorful lights/glow sticks
Food/snacks for the hut at the top
Standard skinning equipment
Bring your Go Pro or camera if you feel like it... I would love to try to get some sweet colorful light photos since the moon isn't going to be full

See you there! Post or message me with any questions!

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