Overnight in the Gorge on Herman Creek Trail

This plan has expired on Sunday, Jan 17 2016
Herman Creek Trailhead Herman Creek Rd, Cascade Locks, UT 97014, United States
Hiking and Camping (Winter Camping) | Slow & Steady
Saturday, Jan 16 2016
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Andy Meuser
I've been wanting to do this overnight trip for a long time now, so come with and we'll have a blast!  I'd like the hike in to start between 4 and 6pm (can iron out details soon), and the hike in will be about 3 miles or so.  It's so beautiful out in the night and in the dark (headlamps required).  Also cold-weather and rain gear is required, it's going to be a bit chilly and wet out there Saturday night.  Would prefer a partner due to possible mountain lions.  Come have an adventure with me! :-)

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