CANCELLED - Pre-Groundhog Day Hill Repeats!!! / Papa Harrington's Birthday

This plan has expired on Monday, Feb 01 2016
North Table Mountain Park 4758 CO-93, Golden, CO 80403, United States
Running (Trail) | Workout
Monday, Feb 01 2016
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Mike Bell
I THINK EVERYONE SAW ON FACEBOOK, BUT THIS HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO THE PE DING STORM. WE MIGHT RESCHEDULE FOR SATURDAY. ***The plans have changed, because of it turns out it's Chris Harrington's birthday the day before Groundhog's Day and he is doing some masochistic shit.***
From Chris:I'm turning 32 on February 1st and want to commemorate another quality year of living it up on this big green earth by doing something other than the standard dinner and drinks.

Groundhog day is conveniently placed on February 2nd, so what better way to celebrate than by running 32 repeats on the North Table Mountain fire road? That's a rhetorical question..... 

I'll start at 4:30am and likely finish early afternoon in order to seamlessly transition into CO Bar studying. Come join for some pre-work or lunchtime repeats. One repeat (up/down) is about 1 mi with 418 ft of climb and descent.


To read more about Self Flagellation:

Based on this, you have all morning to show up and share some repeats with our good friend Chris and friends.
I myself will probably be there from the start at 4:30 to about 6:30 when The Man comes calling.

See you there!

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