Weeknight Camping!

This plan has expired on Thursday, Nov 12 2015
White Ranch Open Space Park 25303 Belcher Hill Rd, Golden, CO 80403, United States
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Thursday, Nov 12 2015
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Amanda Harclerode
My work trip got canceled, so I am in town next week... let's weeknight camp Thursday night at White Ranch in Golden!! OR... if you can't stay the night, come and hang out for the fire, silly times, and ghostciety creepy adventures! 

Where: White Ranch Open Space - Jefferson County - Sawmill Campgroundhttp://jeffco.us/open-space/activities/camping/white-ranch-park/ 
White Ranch is about 25 minutes from the intersection of 6th/93 and 58 in Golden. We will be at the Sawmill Hiker's Campground. The coordinates for the parking lot and trailhead (upper lot, not lower lot) are 39.815129, -105.282700 

It's a little over a mile hike to the sites. They provide firewood, fire rings, picnic tables, and a bathroom.

When:Thursday 11/12. Let's meet at the top parking lot of White Ranch after work Thursday -- anytime after 6. I'll give more specific times once it gets closer. You can carpool if you'd like, but seeing my track record for waking up early on weeknight camping I am going to opt out of riding with other people ;-)

Wake up when necessary Friday and hike out in time to get to work smelling like campfire. BOO-YA. It's all about the 5 to 9, baby. 

ALSO as I stated earlier -- if you can't spend the night, just come and hang out for the festivities, and then drive home that night :-)

What to Bring
-WATER. There is NO water source nearby to filter. 
-Dinner/booze/drinks for yourself and a snack/app to share if you'd like.
-Standard camping stuff: Tent, WARM sleeping bag, sleeping pad, water, HEADLAMPS, chairs, etc...
-Bring stuff to stay warm. Hat/gloves/jackets, etc. We can check out the weather as it gets closer, but let's prepare for it to be chilly. I bring handwarmers/footwarmers. Although I bring them in July too so that's not saying much.
-Glow sticks? ;-)

Keep in mind you will have to carry all your stuff in, but it's only a little over a mile, so you can tolerate carrying a pack a little heavier than normal. 
If you have any other questions on what to bring, please please please ask!!

DISCLAIMER: This will all be weather dependent... If it's gross weather we can just have a toasty fire and ski movie night at my house near Green Mountain and pretend we are camping ;-) And let's face it, a round of boozy Cards Against Humanity would probably happen. 

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