Halloween Hill Repeats

This plan has expired on Saturday, Oct 31 2015
Green Mountain, Lakewood, CO, USA
Running (Trail) | Workout
Saturday, Oct 31 2015
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Mike Bell
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It's time for another Holiday Hill Climb Adventure!

Back before I moved to Colorado, my Orange County running group used to gather on holidays (usually the important ones like Festivus and Groundhog Day) to hang out, run hill repeats, and eat doughnuts. I think it's time to bring the tradition to my new home.

How it works is that we gather at an appropriate hill, run to the top and back as many times as you can in an hour, collect high fives, burn your quads, smile a lot, grimace a lot, then gorge yourself on tasty Halloween treats.

The reason I enjoy hill repeats as a group activity is that no matter how fast or slow you are (or how much your costume is slowing you down) you have the opportunity to see all of the other runners multiple times throughout the run. There's no getting left behind and we can all admire the men and women with the steel quads.

The greatest part of the Halloween Holiday Hill Climb Hoedown is that we get to have all this fun in costume (optional of course, but why wouldn't you?)!

We are going to meet at the parking lot off Rooney Road around 830 and hike our way up to the tree a little over halfway up the maintenance road to start the repeats at the midway point. This is for two reasons. A- The top half of the hill is harder B- With a shorter course, you can collect more high fives! We'll start running at 9am. Do as many repeats you can in an hour, cool down with a cooler, and be out by lunch.

It will climb about 270' in about a third of a mile. (https://www.strava.com/segments/10610105)

The reason we're meeting at GM is that the road is wide, so we won't interfere with normal people not in costume, the road holds up in the rain so if it has rained/snowed we should be ok, and there is parking (although it might fill up, so please carpool if you have friends).

Afterward we should probably go take over the Cannonball Creek tasting room in our sweaty costumed glory. TBD.

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