Weeknight Camping near Denver - Ghost Town Edition

This plan has expired on Thursday, Sep 17 2015
Idaho Springs, CO, USA
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Thursday, Sep 17 2015
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Taylor Reese
Do you love camping in the mountains?
Is the weekend too far away?
Oh...and ghost towns???


Thursday:  Meet at the Woolly Mammoth parking lot in Golden at 6:15p.  Drive about an hour to Lamartine, near Idaho Springs (more info below).  Build a campfire, make dinner (suggest hot dog, or the like), throw back some beers (because Friday's not a real work day), hang out with cool people, star gaze, and sleep in a tent (yay!).

Friday:  Wake up around 6a, make some coffee, tear down camp, and be back at Woolly Mammoth around 7:30a.  Just in time to head to work :-/

Lamartine (Ghost Town)

This is a sweet place to camp!  It's up around 10,000 ft on the side of a mountain with a nice clear meadow where the town used to be, so it has sweeping views of the surrounding countryside (see pics).  There are also tons of ruins of old wood homes a short hike away from the meadow.

Fine Print

The only way to get to Lamartine is by 4WD road.  It's rocky and rutted, so high clearance is required, but no big obstacles or anything.  Most proper SUVs and trucks will be fine. If you're unsure about your vehicle, post up and I can give you my opinion.

A few people have already talked to me about a ride, so not sure how many seats in my FJ will be open, but will keep everyone posted.  If you're interested in coming, join the plan even if you don't have an appropriate vehicle, and we'll try to figure something out.  If you do have an appropriate vehicle, post up how many people you can take.

What to bring:  Well, it's car camping.  A tent (or a friend with a tent), a sleeping bag, light, water, food, beer (or your beverage of choice Amanda ;), chair would probably be nice to sit around the fire, as would warm clothes (10,000 ft remember?), some wood (I have one thingy, but probably need more), ummm...think that should do you...

Good times will be had, post any questions, get excited!

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