Sunrise Coffee Atop Mt. Galbraith

This plan has expired on Thursday, Sep 03 2015
Cedar Gulch Trail, Golden, CO 80403, USA
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Thursday, Sep 03 2015
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Taylor Reese
Making coffee in the morning is a mundane task that you likely perform mindlessly, in a half-awake state every morning.  So I say let's take that daily ritual and GOCIETY-IZE IT!!
I know there have been a lot of sunrise hikes up and down the front range (and even into the high mountains) the past several weeks, but guess what: they're awesome!, so here's another one.  While the weather is nice and the sunrise is decently early, join me in greeting the new day with a front row seat to an always beautiful view and a fresh brew in hand, all before heading to work.
The Details
Sunrise will be around 6:30a, so let's meet at the trailhead at 5:15a and hit the trail no later than 5:30a.  Hike up, find a good spot to watch the day break, brew some coffee, chill for ~15 min and head back down.  I'd plan on getting back to the trailhead around 7:45a, plus or minus.  Runners are of course welcome, but I won't be formalizing a start time for that, so you could plan on meeting us around 6:30a up there.  Haven't been up there in a while, so I can't say precisely where we'll be, but there's a loop at the top and we'll make a left at the 'T', and probably won't be too far across the loop.
If you have means of making coffee, please bring with.  The more jetboils/stoves we have, the faster everyone can get their fix.  And don't forget extra water for coffee.  Other things you want to bring: headlamp (starting before sunrise, remember?), extra layer(s) (cool and windy up there), and maybe a snack if you feel so inclined.
PLEASE NOTE: There are two trailheads for Mount Galbraith.  We will be meeting at the Cedar Gulch Trailhead on Golden Gate Canyon Road.  If you find yourself in amongst houses instead of canyon walls, you're in the wrong place.

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