Hike from the trailhead at FR 4308.115 to Domerie Peak and back. Should be about 16-18 miles roundtrip.

This plan has expired on Sunday, Aug 30 2015
Domerie Peak, Roslyn, WA 98925, USA
Hiking and Camping (Day Tripping) | Race
Sunday, Aug 30 2015
Pacific Standard Time (PDT)
Andy Meuser
Hi All! I just signed up on Gociety, looking to give it a whirl.

The peak is about 65 miles from my residence, so should take between 1 and 2 hours to get to the trailhead.  I hope to get to the trailhead by around 9am.  I'd like to try to stay just under lactic threshold as much as I can, so it might be fast, might not be, depending on who's going to be hiking with me (pretty last-minute, I know).

This is ideally the first of many weekend (Saturday afternoon/Sunday/Monday for me) hikes/backpacks to prep for a summer adventure race in 2016 (400 miles in the wilderness, a few days, teams of four).

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