Weekly Horsetooth Hump Day!!!

This plan has expired on Wednesday, Aug 26 2015
Horsetooth Mountain Park Fort Collins, CO 80526, United States
Running (Trail) | Social
Wednesday, Aug 26 2015
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Kevin Briggs
You know how it goes.  Trailhead at 4:45, hike up and watch the sun rise in good company!  What more could you want from a Wednesday morning?! Not too many more of these left before the sun rises too late for us all to get to work on time. Get it while the gettin's good!

I plan on making some food this time.  Please comment if you can bring a Jetboil.  I think we should have the quickest people carry the jetboils (if y'all are ok with that) and get the water started so some coffee is ready when everyone summits. Bring your headlamps, mugs, water, puppies and witty conversation.  I'll supply the high fives.

Don't leave me hanging on my first Gociety plan :)

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