Mt. Evans Sunrise Summit

This plan has expired on Thursday, Aug 06 2015
Mountain Evans Mount Evans Road, Evergreen, CO 80439, United States
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Thursday, Aug 06 2015
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Sam McCarthy
Mt. Evans road is open!!!! 

Who's in to catch the sunrise at a breathtaking 14,265' tomorrow morning? 

I am crippled so will not be hiking. Therefore, I can drive and drop people off at Summit Lake and meet you all at the summit. 

There is an honorary $10 fee to drive and hike around Mt. Evans during off hours (sunrise), so plan accordingly. 

What: Mt. Evans sunrise summit 
When: Thursday, 8/6/15
Time: 4:30am meet at the park n ride- wooly mammoth lot in Morrison. 

About an hour drive and sunrise is at 6:08am tomorrow.  Hoping this will allow enough time to hike, summit, pics, drive home before work. 

Then, you can brag to all your cubicle mates of how badass you are.  

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