Gentlemen of the Road Salida Stopover Aug 21-22

This plan has expired on Friday, Aug 21 2015
6895 Paradise Acres Rd, Salida, CO 81201, USA
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Friday, Aug 21 2015
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Kristen Cowan
Planning to go to Salida for the Gentlemen of the Road stopover Aug 21-22? We are too! If you're already planning on going or wanting to go, we can make a camping group or meet up for activities or whatever. I have tent camping (not car camping) so if you want to tent it up on the banks of the Arkansas, you'll need a pass for that. There are tickets for sale on the website or stubhub. 

Tentative extracurriculars may include, but are not limited to: hiking, beer (especially Elevation in Poncha Springs), distilleries (Wood's High Mountain Distillery in Salida, Deerhammer in Buena Vista), river shit, eating, etc.

I'm excited to see Dawes and Jenny Lewis and I suppose those bros with the suspenders but we all know this festival is about the Flaming Lips.

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