Casa Bonita & Lakeside!

This plan has expired on Friday, Jul 31 2015
Denver, CO, USA
Fun in the Sun (Other) | No BS!
Friday, Jul 31 2015
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Brad Anderson
Well the tribe has spoken and my last evening in Denver is to be a most joyous event!  Dinner at Casa Bonita and after-dark shenanigans at Lakeside, a date to die for (or from)!  Festivities begin at 5pm at Casa Bonita for some of the finest Mexican cuisine the grand city of Denver has to offer.  After, we'll motivatingly take our high spirits to Lakeside for the chance at being in a real-life Scooby Doo episode!  So update your medical policies, tell your mothers you love them and come out for a night that won't soon go forgotten!

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