Denver Cruiser Ride Wed July 29: Analog vs. Digital

This plan has expired on Wednesday, Jul 29 2015
2400 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211, USA
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Wednesday, Jul 29 2015
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Kristen Cowan
Let's give Brad Anderson another chance for a Denver Cruiser Ride before he leaves (Sat?) for some boring-ass state with no mountains as some dumb inflatable dolphin thwarted his attempt at joining the group ride last week which was super lame but sometimes your dolphin is your boss and you end up losing the group and getting burritos instead which is totally ok but kind of a bummer.

The theme is Analog vs. Digital so for whatever that means to you, get dressy and meet at Zio's Alley Bar at 2400 w. 32nd Ave somewhere between 7 and 7:30 for pre-ride drinks and awkward looks. Then when it's time for the ride, leave the dolphin by the wayside and don't lose the group. Or, if you're coming from some other area of town, meet up with us later at the bike party, wherever that may be.

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