Knock out some Classic Trad Climbs 5.4-5.8

This plan has expired on Friday, Sep 25 2015
Denver, Colorado, United States
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Friday, Sep 25 2015
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Michael Arriola
Hey all,

I am making my way into the world of Trad Climbing and just purchased Brendan Leonard's Classic Front Range Trad Climbs - 5.4-5.8. >

This is essentially a beginner's guide to great (That does not mean every/any climb in here should be taken lightly as some of the grading is old-school i.e. Kor's Flake), accessible, muti-pitch routes in the front range. 

I am going to try and knock out as many of these as I can this summer with my girlfriend and the rest I am happy to meet up with some new partners! 

The purpose of this group is to find some other people who want to take the challenge on as well. This will obviously require you to have a partner for some routes but this group will be a good place for all of us to coordinate a few trips together, discuss beta and reports over beers, and make some new climbing partners. I am happy to get out with some others and do some repeats if my girlfriend isn't around but we can play this by ear. 

A little background on my climbing history. I've been Sport Climbing for a little over 2 years and am just starting to lead 11's outside. As far as Trad climbing goes I am not yet confident to be showing other people the ropes. I have a few partners who have brought me into their world which has allowed me to lead on Trad up to 5.9 and feel comfortable here and below this grade. That being said I am learning every time I go out and will continue to climb beyond this level but that will probably be saved for more experienced partners. 

I am impressed if you read all of this! Share any questions you have in the comments! Excited for the season! 
I will update this group once a week and keep it live all summer! 


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