Lunch + Hiking + Stargazing + Camping

This plan has expired on Saturday, Apr 04 2015
Boulder, Colorado, United States
Hiking and Camping | Slow & Steady
Saturday, Apr 04 2015
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Morgan Cook
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Update: For those who want to, we will be meeting for lunch at 2:30pm before camping, at Southern Sun: 
627A South Broadway, Boulder, CO 80305

After lunch, we will head up the hill to the campsite to set up quickly, followed by a nice, healthy hike from the site. We will be back by 6 to greet those who aren't along for the hike.

When: Saturday, April 4 at about 6pm
Current projected weather forecast: 65H / 35L

What: Camping and stargazing

Where: Upper Dream Canyon, Boulder:

Trailhead Directions: 

Basic coordinates (can put in iphone maps, and it will get you there. I'd have the typed out directions below on hand as well, though, for one of the odd turn-offs) : 40.008507, -105.409510'30.6%22N+105%C2%B024'34.2%22W/@40.008507,-105.40951,17z....

Coming from Denver, take highway 36, which turns into 28th road in Boulder. Turn left on Canyon Blvd.
Canyon Blvd. will then go into Boulder Canyon.
Turn right off Boulder Canyon at ~4 miles on Sugarloaf Road. 
After 3 miles, take a left on Lost Angel Road, continue straight at 1 mile, head left shortly after (at the sign posted on a tree stump that says North Gulch) and you will reach a dirt parking lot within another half mile.

This is basic car camping, so get as fancy as you want. No fees.

I'm keeping this simple-- bring whatever food and booze you see fit. Share as little or as much as you want to.


Firewood, if it suits you. Water.


I've got some Celestron stargazers and a tripod, and some friends with other equipment. Let's do this.

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