Run and Eat Hot Dogs

This plan has expired on Wednesday, Apr 01 2015
Golden, Colorado, United States
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Wednesday, Apr 01 2015
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Sam McCarthy
There's only a 70% chance that it'll rain/snow/armageddon for our weekly run this Wednesday!  

I'm planning on trail running Green Mountain by putting my [foot] down, flippin' it and reversing it [the route], by running SOUTH from Rooney Rd. parking lot.  

What:  Trail Run/MTB
When: Wednesday, April 1, 2015  (No Foolin'!!) 
Time:  5:45pm.  Start running around 6:05pm
Where: Green Mountain  Rooney Road Parking Lot off of 470 and Alameda 
Expectations:  There are multiple trails and loops to explore on Green.  I plan on a 5-6 mile loop along the Rooney Valley Trail.  Decent gait as I would like to get back to the parking lot for the after party. 

I will plan on bringing hot dogs and some buns.  Who can provide a camp stove?  Please bring your chairs, lamps, snacks, BYOB, friends, dogs (hot or otherwise), etc.  

I will do my best to resist pranking you all.  muhahahaha

Questions? Holler.  

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