Night Hike North Table Mountain

This plan has expired on Thursday, Mar 05 2015
Denver, CO, USA
Hiking and Camping | Slow & Steady
Thursday, Mar 05 2015
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Jacob Ewald
Just a quick hike up the mesa to enjoy the full moon and stretch the legs. Bring a headlamp, warm clothes, and maybe traction/snowshoes? I'm not sure what condition the trail will be in when we get there. The weather forecast is looking to be clear that day, but that could change. Fingers crossed for clear skies and a full view of that big dot.

**Meet at the West parking lot off of 93. It can be tricky to find (I usually drive past it because it's hard to see) so start looking for it as soon as you pass Pine Ridge Rd. I think it's the first road to the right (assuming you're heading northbound on 93)

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