Name my brother's beer!

This plan has expired on Friday, Jan 09 2015
Denver, Colorado, United States Denver
Fun in the Sun | Social
Friday, Jan 09 2015
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Morgan Cook
Where: Grandma's House Brewery
1710 S Broadway
Denver, CO  80210
+ Tony Guacamole Food Truck

When: Friday, Jan. 9
 6pm until whenever

What: Name my brother's small batch amber, which is his first official release on tap. My baby (not so baby anymore) brother, Calvin, is just starting out in the brewery world. We grew up in an outdoorsy Colorado native family, and his brewery will follow suit-- it's called 53 Peaks (if you're thinking about 14ers in Colorado, you got it).

Why:  The beer needs an outdoorsy name. Name my brother's beer. Maybe drink some while it lasts. Meet gociety people and plan stuff. I might even come up with a prize.

The pictures above? YES, that IS my brother crying in a motorcycle helmet! Come and ask him about it!

He loves me. I know this is super last-minute, but hope to meet some of you there! 

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