Go see Wild

This plan has expired on Saturday, Dec 20 2014
Denver, Colorado, United States Landmark Esquire Theater
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Saturday, Dec 20 2014
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Annie Lawson
OWA meetup!
Ladies lets go watch Reese Witherspoon test her legs on the Pacific Crest Trail. This looks like an awesome movie and it would be so fun to see it with some other adventure gals and make new friends (and then make plans to go conquer the PCT ourselves, or at least hike flatirons).

Alright we have come to a consensus! This Friday, the 19th, at 7:15pm at the Landmark Esquire. Whoever can is meeting at Lime XS (Near the theater) at 6:15 for some food and drink, everyone else meet at the theater.  My number is below for finding purposes (also I'm really tall and blonde and loud so usually easy to find)  


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