New Year's @ Buena Vista!

This plan has expired on Thursday, Jan 01 2015
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Thursday, Jan 01 2015
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Jessie Hoyng
I'm planning to spend New Year's at BV! Here is the current "schedule" for anyone who would like to come along:

-It looks like several of us will be meeting in Denver's Highlands to carpool over to BV on the afternoon of Wed. the 31. I'm happy to drive some people over there, but with gear and everything, I can probably only fit 2 or 3 additional people in my car...

-Hang out in Buena Vista that evening for dinner and New Year's festivities, then stay overnight in our small rental. It only has one bedroom, so most of us will be sleeping on the floor slumber-party style - bring your sleeping bags and pillows!

: Please note that the total cost for the rental is about $200, so cost per person will be 200 divided by the number of people attending. Please bring cash or check with you so you can pay your share. Thanks! :)

-Participate in a variety of activities on NY Day. I believe there is a group planning to go hiking and possibly drive to a hot spring. There is also a group planning to ski at Ski Cooper.

-Drive back home that afternoon.

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