Gobble Gobble Potluck Camping Trip

This plan has expired on Sunday, Nov 23 2014
, Colorado, United States Upper Dream Canyon
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Sunday, Nov 23 2014
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
JJ Yosh
Gobble Gobble Potluck Campout

Come join us for the fourth local campout and connect with other outdoors folks!

This week's theme is Thanksgiving Turkey Feast.
Get ready for some thanksgiving grub, drum circle jams, campfire tales, and amazing stargazing.

Bring a Thanksgiving style dish, snacks, & Pumpkin beverages to share, kick back by the bonfire, bring an instrument, then camp out till dawn and go for a climb, hike, trail-run, or mountain bike ride in the area.

When: Saturday, Nov. 22nd, 2014 @ 4:00PM

Objective: Potluck bonfire social + optional morning activities

Saturday Evening: 
-Potluck (bring a Thanksgiving style dish and style beverage to share)
-music (drum circle, bring any instruments)
-raging bonfire & camping; 
-meet ‘n greet with other outdoorsy folks; good ole’ Colorado fun

Sunday Morning: 
-Switzerland Trail mountain biking or trail running
-Dream Canyon climbing
-Indian Peaks hiking or scrambling
-Boulder creek fishing
- Just write in the comments your activity preference (or post a new Gociety plan and insert the links into the comments)

Food Ideas: 
-orange peel cranberry sauce
-turkey breast
-mash potatoes
-string bean casserole
-sweet yams/potatoes
-misc. vegetable side
dish-rolls w/ butter
-pumpkin pie
-pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
-side salads

Beverage Ideas: 
-apple cider
-pumpkin beers
-spiked hot cider
-pumpkin vodka sliders

Gear to Bring: 
•  Tent
•  Sleeping Bag (0 degrees or lower)
•  Sleeping Pad
•  Pillow
•  Tarp
•  Headlamp
•  Spare batteries for headlamp
•  Lantern 
•  Chair to sit on
•  Toilet Paper
•  Cooking Supplies (stove, utensils, mess kit, bottle)
•  3 Liters of water or more
•  First Aid kit
•  Down Jacket
•  Beanie
•  Gloves
•  Pocket Knife
•  Sunscreen
•  Fire Starters
•  Fire Wood
•  Shell Jacket
•  Thermal underwear
•   Warm Base layers

-Dream Canyon near Sugarloaf Mountain (just 10 minutes from Boulder)

Trailhead Directions: 
Coming from Denver take highway 36 which turns into 28th road in Boulder. Turn left on Canyon Blvd.
Canyon Blvd. will then go into Boulder Canyon.
Turn right off Boulder Canyon at ~4 miles on Sugarloaf Road. 
After 3 miles, take a left on Lost Angel Road, continue straight at 1 mile, head left shortly after (at the sign posted on a tree stump that says North Gulch) and you will reach a dirt parking lot within another half mile.
Theres a trail your right.

There is no park fee or camping fee.

Hosts: JJ Yosh, Nick Santos, Britni Jordan

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