Climb the First, Second, and Third Flat Irons!

This plan has expired on Saturday, Oct 18 2014
Boulder, Colorado, United States Central Boulder
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Saturday, Oct 18 2014
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Ryan Stefani
Climb the First, Second, and/or Third Flat Irons.

I've got rope(s), gear, and that funny jingly stuff. More than happy to lead, second, or simul. These are all great routes for new climbers.

You should bring whatever you need to climb and rappel with.

Single folks are fine, big groups (with more than one leader) are even better! It would be really cool to get a single, roped up party going from the bottom to the top of the third... What's that, 4 ropes?

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Ryan Stefani
46 | male
Kristen Cowan
32 | female