Moab Trail Marathon/Half/5K

This plan has expired on Saturday, Nov 08 2014
Moab, Utah, United States
Running | Adventuring
Saturday, Nov 08 2014
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Lowell Smoger
Having never run another trail race, this is by far the best one I've ever done. The course takes you into parts of that region you probably wouldn't otherwise go. The excitement is endless with the varying terrain of rock, sand and water; hopping from boulder to boulder, stumbling through loose rock gardens and (if the course is the same) running through a half mile of freezing calf-high water.

What better way than to spend the weekend of Nov. 8 than running 3, 13 or 26 miles in Moab! Yes, if you're Jason then doing all three courses back-to-back would just be a warm-up but even he would still have fun!

The plan is to rent a house/condo/campsite/whatever for the entire weekend and do some fun things in and around town along with the race. Registration costs are at their second level and the price will increase on Sept 2.

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