Spring Laps at Loveland

This plan has expired on Saturday, Mar 29 2014
Georgetown, Colorado, United States
Ski / Snowboard | Slow & Steady
Saturday, Mar 29 2014
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Devin Black
You and yours are cordially invited to join myself and a select few others this Saturday at Loveland for a day of good old-fashioned snow riding. Ski season is far from over, and the potential for some truly excellent conditions is high! Most importantly, the Ridge Cat is running!

Typical schedule:
- Leave Denver irrationally early
- Parking lot beers / bad music
- Ski collective face off
- Rathskeller beers / food
- More skiing
- Head back around 2 to avoid traffic

More details:
- My friends and I ski/ride well (expert-esque), but Loveland has terrain for all ability levels.
- I can get some discounted tickets with my pass (not sure how many). Discounted tickets can also be purchased at several locations along the Front Range.  Check out skiloveland.com for locations.
- Having fun is mandatory.
- We can work out meeting places, carpooling, etc. once you have joined the group.

Hope to see you up there!

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Devin Black
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Donald Moenning
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Henry Brennan
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