Tough Mudder: LET'S GET MUDDY!

This plan has expired on Saturday, Sep 06 2014
Snowmass, Colorado, United States
Fun in the Sun | Slow & Steady
Saturday, Sep 06 2014
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Leanne Thompson

Hey all!

I've started a team for the Colorado 2014 Tough Mudder ( an would love to get some awesome gociety people on board.  The Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile race with obstacles such as fire, ice water, walls, barbed wire, and electric wires. Did I mention mud? There will be LOTS of mud! Please feel free to invite other awesome socially adventurous people you know, the more the merrier! I was thinking we could all wear gociety tees, but if someone has a team theme they are dying to do let me know, crazy costumes and themes make it all the more fun! Oh btw, did I mention free beer after??

NOTE:  This is a 10-12 mile race with many tough obstacles that takes 3-4hours. It is not something most people can just show up and do (if you can then props for being in beast shape!). So please take this seriously and recognize you might want to train for it. That being said, this is a team event so we will stick together and help each other through an awesome day! 

Members | 13

Leanne Thompson
27 | female
Brittany Greer
32 | female
Ashley Hood
29 | female
Joseph Hedin
28 | male
Colin Downs
28 | male
Jonathan Rodriguez
31 | male
Jeremy Fenn
26 | male
Amber Gartner
39 | male
Andre Goodin Jr.
29 | male
Elizabeth Briggs
37 | female
Nathan Tom
33 | male
Jarell Jones
37 | male