Camp & Ski Skyscraper Glacier & Camp (You pick!)

This plan has expired on Saturday, Sep 10 2016
Corona Pass Road County Rd 80, Colorado, USA
Hiking and Camping (Car Camping) | Adventuring
Saturday, Sep 10 2016
Mountain Standard Time (MDT)
Kaylyn Bopp
I will be car camping off of Corona Pass Road this Friday and Saturday night and plan to hike to, and possibly ski, Skyscraper Glacier on Saturday. Come join for camping, skiing, OR BOTH!  

Meet me at the Rollins Pass Trailhead (also called Corona Pass) at 9 am if you would like to join me for the hike/ski. Skyscraper Glacier is near King Lake in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. From I-70, drive North on US Highway 40  to County Road 80 (Corona Pass Rd/Forest Road 149) and turn right. Drive 15 miles until you reach the top of Rollins Pass/Corona Pass. There is parking for about 15+ cars at the top. This is a dirt road and you will probably need an SUV to get to the top.  

I will be camping both Friday and Saturday night and would love to have you come for one or both nights. You don't have to be skiing to come camp. There are lots of hikes, fishing and you can mountain biking nearby. I plan on finding an established car camp spot off of Corona Pass Road (County Road 80) several miles below the Rollins Pass Trailhead outside of the Wilderness area. Our site will be about 10 miles or so up the road from where you turn off Route 40. I will post a bandanna and orange Gociety koozie near the road so you know it's us!  Again, this is a dirt road and I recommend an SUV to get to the campsite.  

Let me know in the comments if you are meeting me at the TH in the morning so I know to wait for you. 

Rollins Pass Trailhead: http://http//

**New** In the picture with the map, we will be camping near the road (yellow) somewhere between the two red brackets. If you see the railroad trestle (2nd picture) you've passed us. Cellphone service is hit or miss but feel free to try and contact me at 513-305-8734.

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