Blackcomb Glacier Ice Cave

Whistler Blackcomb 4545 Blackcomb Way, Whistler, BC V0N 1B4, Canada
Elizabeth Briggs

If you’ve ever been to Whistler/Blackcomb, it’s entirely possible that you’ve skied right past this gem and not even known it. Tucked about two-thirds of the way down Blackcomb Glacier on the back side of Blackcomb Mountain, the blue-hued ice cave is an expansive cavern thousands of years in the making. Water from the surface enters the glacier via crevasses and melts the interior icy walls, carving out more and more of the cave. Most of the sides, however, are startlingly dry to the touch, and smoother than your freshly waxed powder skis.


Entering the ice cave is technically forbidden by ski patrol due to the risk of sudden collapse, so do so at your own risk (along with dozen of your closest friends, of course). Just tread carefully in those ski boots and try not to face plant on the slippery surface. It’s a long way back to the nearest dentist.